Anti Discoloration Foam
Model Density(kg/m3) Hardness (Asker F) UV-Yellowing Smoke-Yellowing Features and Applications
AD Foam 40±5 60±5 Above Grade 5 - 1.FHigh-frequency foam, shaping adaptability.
2.Can be seen in seamless footwear upper.
DV56 40-45 50-60 3 3.5 Sports function features
1.The intimate wear material is soft with a delicate texture. It could fit better for the human body, providing more wearing comfort.
2.The physical data is enhanced. Tensile rate is increased by more than 20%, the tearing is increased by more than 8%, the elongation rate is increased by more than 15%, and the resilience is increased by more than 10%, thereby effectively improving the material service life.   
3.With smoke-yellowing resistance, hot pressing and anti-yellowing ability, it effectively reduces the production scrap rate. Even outperforming the general anti-yellowing feature, the material is set for a longer period of time without turning yellow.
4.It comes with OEKO-TEX professional certificate. In line with safety, health, environment-friendly, and non-toxic materials.