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An example of lamination product

General two layers or more lamination

All kinds of general lamination, providing oil paste, PU adhesive as reinforcement for post-cutting materials, and other services to facilitate the customer's subsequent processing. Also provides cloth and cloth lamination or cloth with PU foam lamination service, mainly used in footwear reinforcement.

Special material lamination

When it comes to harder texture, or a smoother surface (candela/0.5mm or more embossed cloth). Or even a pattern that is too thick, with similar or water repellent treatment, nylon cloth (70D/210D/250D/420D/840D/1680D), Tetoron (600D/1000D/1200D/1680D), Jacquard Knit and other special materials, different lamination processes, and related services are available upon request.

Clothing lamination

Clothing, such as swimwear lamination services...etc.

Waterproof material lamination

Lamination process and adhesive are made for special waterproof materials such as outdoor products.

Self-adhesive (one side or two)

Just like adding a sticker-like function to the material, after the self-adhesive material is applied to the customer, the customer can process it for further purpose. Both water-based and hot-melt adhesive are widely used to handle the self-adhesive service.

water-based adhesive lamination

Suitable for most general lamination processes. Special materials like artificial leather + fabric is also suitable.

oily adhesive lamination

Common scope of application is: (EVA + fabric or leather) / (SBR + cloth) / (NEOPRENE + cloth).

Hot melt adhesive bonding

It is solid at room temperature and does not contain any solvent. It can be divided into EVA and TPR according to its chemical composition. Applicable to these processing methods, hot melt adhesives and hot melt adhesive sheets on fabrics (reinforcing cloth, canvas, Lixin cloth, non-woven fabric, and cloth paper lining).