As a global citizen, CRMTO recognizes that enterprises nowadays cannot only focus on profits and CRMTO has been specifically paid attention to fulfilling "enterprise's social responsibility". Not only do we hold firmly on our operation concept of "what is taken from the society should be used in the interests of the society" to the public, but we also practice the concept from internal management.

CRMTO's social responsibility policy emphasizes specifically on "the Self-Management of the Enterprise Operation", and highlights items such as "Quality Management", "Environment Management", "Occupational Safety and Health Management".
With the following goals in mind, CRMTO believes that we will achieve excellence with our partners and clients.

  • 01

    To provide our employees with a friendly working environment and the employee's well being, so that they can utilize their skills with an appropriate reward.

  • 02

    To comply with by Labor Standards Act and other legislation and to achieve associated certification standards.

  • 03

    To maintain efficient management, and strictly monitor the practice of business moral principles.

  • 04

    To uphold the concept of "Top Quality; Best Service", and constantly enhance corporate competitiveness to create an enterprise's value.

  • 05

    To be active in R&D concerning environment-friendly materials and products to devote to.


Developing environmentally friendly products actively and constantly, transfer the mechanical impression of foam.

Environment Care & Preservation
Since 2007, CRMTO, as a part on our earth, devoted to the recycled program of PE bags and in 2009, we brought this idea to Nike which earns great positive cooperation. All CRMTO overseas factories carry out this policy exactly.

The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen for reducing CO2 emissions, for reacting this global activity, CRMTO successfully developed the eco-friendly material "Green Foam" to reduce the chemical usage and achievement of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Aligned with many sustainability projects with worldwide brands, such as adidas. Our mission is to use 100% REC PES (recycled polyester) to replace virgin polyester. Resonate with the Green policy, we are caring for not only our foam products but also lamination package.