Vietnam Foam and Lamination factory
Vietnam Foam and Lamination factory
Vietnam Foam and Lamination factory
Vietnam Foam and Lamination factory
Vietnam Foam and Lamination factory

Crecimiento Industrial Vietnam Co., Ltd. has three production bases in Vietnam. The Binh Duong Plant is located in Shun'an County, Binh Duong Province. It mainly produces foam and provides lamination services. Long An Factory is located in Yonglu 2 Industrial Zone, Long An Province, Vietnam. It mainly provides lamination services. North Vietnam, Thanh Hoa Factory is located in Thanh Hoa City, mainly providing various kinds of foam materials for furniture and furniture industries. The products can be applied in the fields of textiles, plastic products, shoe materials, furniture mattresses, underwear, etc. It is a comprehensive Taiwan-funded enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

With a strong base of quality control, the company keeps a good 6S management-Sort (Seiri), Set in order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Safety, Standardize (Seiketsu), and Sustain (Shitsuke). Hence, quickly thrived within the market. Along with consistent attention to quality and good cost control, the products have been quickly recognized by customers. And the number of customers has increased over time. It has established long-term cooperation with designer brands. The main customers of shoes are world-renowned footwear brands, such as Nike、Adidas、Reebok、Puma、NB...etc. Furniture & mattress brands like IKEA, Nitori, and Airland...etc.

Strong suits of the company are in the following

  1. Local development for over than 20 years. Showing sustainable quality and well-established production ability.
  2. Experienced in a variety range of industry. With continuous international brand cooperation experience, we could make the best out of it by combining different industries’ business flows and grafting stream production along with management techniques from one another.
  3. Verified with international certifications, patent, and third-party laboratory certificates.
  4. Well equipped laboratory and QC rooms.
  5. Globalized layout and ability to provide services and maintain good quality worldwide.
  6. Group procurement, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials.
  7. R & D ability to develop CRMTO owned formula and recipes. Market fast adjusting and even breaking through innovations.
  8. A legalized operation, with all relevant business licenses, up to standard environmental protection and the latest sewage system.

General foam

Has good physical and mechanical properties, a variety of density, hardness, color for customers to choose, suitable for rolling rolls of shoes, hot-pressed decorative pieces, hot-pressed insoles, fitted lining, tongue, etc.

Memory foam

Memory foam is also called slow rebound, slow back elastic energy, absorption impact, high density, and good support strength. Suitable for insoles, yoga mats, protective gear, high-end furniture, etc.

Non-wicking foam

This product is fluorine-free, has good load-bearing properties, good ventilation, and soft and delicate texture. High density, good support strength, comfort, and flexibility. Suitable for lining, tongue, rolling, hot-pressing, hot-press insole, high-grade furniture seat cushion, etc. It has a good non-wicking function and is Gore-Tex certified.

Hot-pressed foam

High density, good support strength, comfort and elasticity, and excellent hot press formability. The yellowing effect is good after hot pressing. Suitable for shoe hot stamping, hot pressing insoles, high-frequency foam, yoga mat, etc.

Green Foam

Palm oil bio polyols using plant-palm extraction. Replacing crude oil polyether polyols, renewable raw materials, reducing greenhouse gas CO2 production and emissions are environmentally friendly trends. It has good load-bearing properties and good ventilation. It is suitable for rolling foam, hot-pressed shoes, hot-pressed insoles, high-grade furniture cushions, etc. The bio-polyol content is about 50%.

AD Foam

This product uses special environmentally friendly materials, making it an unparalleled superiority over the market's shoe foam. It has excellent yellowing resistance, up to 5.0 grade, and the hot pressure does not change yellow. The elongation rate is as high as 250% or more! It is twice as much as ordinary foam. The foam is soft and delicate but the pressure is evenly applied. It is suitable for uppers, tongues, hot pressing, and underwear.


Good ventilation, good elasticity, soft and delicate, good support strength, comfortable and flexible, lightweight, suitable for mattresses, furniture cushions, sofas, backrests, yachts, etc.

Equipment and capacity

In addition to foam production, the company also provides professional lamination services. At the company, there are 13 laminating machines, 2 oil-based laminating machines, 2 sets of cutting machines and pumping machines, hot melt glue machines, anti-siphon laminating machines, and other professional machines, totaling more than 20, daily production capacity. Up to about 88,800 yards.

Lamination services

Straight cut, oblique cut, cross cut, paste

The rolled fabric is cut and cut according to the customer's specified requirements and is suitable for shoe heels, tongues, and bags.

Cloth lamination

Provide self-adhesive, oil paste, PU glue, anti-off yarn service to allow customers to facilitate subsequent processing, also provide cloth patch and cloth paste foam bonding service, mainly used in footwear reinforcement. Natural rubber liquid (Latex): mainly used for drawing strips or cutting strong strips, artificial leather and reinforcing cloth.

Aqueous chemical resin glue: It is also used in water-based chemical resin glue according to its performance and applicability. For example, the latex of acrylic series has a relatively hard waterproof film and is suitable for foaming. Combine with sizing/upper pulp. EVA series of latex, the film is soft and yellow, but not waterproof, suitable for bonding products/fabric bonding fabrics with the hot pressing process.

Oily rubber: According to the solvent, it can be divided into PU glue and benzene-free glue. It is suitable for EVA cloth or leather/SBR patch.

Hot melt adhesive: It is solid at room temperature and does not contain any solvent. It can be divided into EVA and TPR according to its chemical composition. Applicable to these processing methods, hot melt adhesives and hot melt adhesive sheets on fabrics (reinforcing cloth, canvas, Lixin cloth, non-woven fabric, and cloth paper lining).


Quality Control Testing Project

Hydrolysis test

The tensile strength, peeling, tearing of the foam before and after hydrolysis under a certain temperature and humidity condition or the color change before and after the hydrolysis of the foam were tested.

UV light resistance test

Simulates the change in discoloration or fading of the foam under ultraviolet light

Aging test

Control the temperature and time to make the foam evenly heated, and determine the aging characteristics by the degree of color change before and after the experiment.

SUN TEST yellow test

The light resistance of the foam before and after the experiment was judged by the contrast of the simulated light.

QUV yellow resistance test

The damage caused by UV light to sunlight is affected by condensation or water spray systems like rain or dew. The degree of relative damage to outdoor exposure for months or years can be simulated by trials of days or weeks.